ondoy has changed….

this has been my experienced with ondoy…

Ondoy reminds me of my classmate when I was in Senior Year, he was sweet, kind and totally composed no wonder he was our escort, beside from me refusing to (just kidding). He was always presentable, with all the vanity and cologne he has- see why we are friends. Truly, he was awesome plus he fits the saying “hindi makabasag pinggan.” After almost 7years I didnt know that, the name I have always love would meet me again in another mascara.
And now, I can associate his name with a mega tragedy, Ondoy has become a name of the 24hours unstoppable rain that kills the life of many in different places, that destroys more properties than any tragedy can do, that brought our market closed and became an isolated island leaving the vendors to squat in the town proper. I had a lot of sleep today and even thou the water touches my pelvic bone I have decided to attend the last mass I regularly attend to. The church was not even half of its regular attendees, so different from its regular scenario – sea of people. After almost quarter attending the mass I have received messages, I was stacked and shocked of the sympathy my friends are extending, only then I realized how miserable our situation is, electricity was shut down yesterday and for sure any minute now my laptop will shut down also. News and current situations has no other way to reach us now, we are not just deserted in our 2nd floor but we also lost communication with what is happening outside of our vicinity- all we can see is the mini lake out and in our home.
But amidst all this tragedy, here is what I learned:
1. Things are bound to happen when they are about to happen.
The morning of Sept. 26 before Ondoy conquered all possible corner- I had scheduled couple of meeting plus my regular review in preparation for our exam. Then suddenly, all has been automatically rescheduled and I was left in the 2nd floor of our home doing nothing- totally different from my workaholic attitude.
2. Lessons may sometimes be hard and cost all of what we have- but never underestimate its value.
I am addicted to work- besides from my regular teaching job, I have 2 more part-time, running my home-based tutorial center, creating various module and freelancing for real estate. My workaholic attitude has come to test- when Ondoy left me and the city lambusted. For the first time I was caught idle and deserted, I can’t do anything but savor in the scent of my powerlessness. But I was reminded of my priorities- quoting from my sister “kung hindi pa tayo binaha- hindi pa tayo magkakasama ng 24 hours” and from time to time we were getting in touch with my other brother and sister who is not living with us anymore. Ondoy did not just conquer our home but even the depth of our family, he binded us again just like the old days.
3. When you have nothing but GOD, you will learn that GOD is all you need.
Me being workaholic that uses my lunch to create a module instead of eating, that has used to busy life running after one meeting into another, that has used to all the vanity a teacher and a marketing person should be has caught idle and useless. I ask myself how did I survive in a unimaginable situation like this. I have nothing now, I don’t have work, I don’t have meeting, I don’t have any single appointment – and most importantly I don’t have a comfort room. That’s when I realized I might not have anything to do but I have one thing for sure- I have a God – a BIG GOD.

I might not realized all of this if He didn’t allow it to happen. And for that im always thankful of.

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