A bloody Black Saturday!


This blood type—O positive.

Have you heard the news in Thailand of protester throwing gallons of blood in the gate of the place where they are protesting, the local version was not blood but paint and not just to the gate, in UPLB, the chancellor was bathed with blue or green paint (has to checked more pics to be sure of the color of paint).

Ooowww… to long for an introduction..today is…(got to be sure this time- check my calendar)..Black Saturday, April 3 , 2010. Living in Pasig since my Father decided to make me (ideally, he wanted me to exactly be like him but unfortunately the output was kinda little more than what was expected…just kidding), eversince -the celebration of a lot of procession and ritual has been so anticipated that it lost its impact-or so I thought. Two days ago, I am amazed with my travel to Bulacan—mind you 45 min. from Cubao and going home yesterday —a record breaking 30- minutes, anyway… in Bulacan the tradition of penitence is still alive and bloody. Younger and younger of people dwelling with this kind of practice… slicing their back with a blade or a bubog then continously walking while punching their back with the little pieces of kawayan knotted together making the wounds more delightfully bloody. The end result, the gate and wall of their church dotted with red…(wow…so artistic)… but I came to think , this people letting their blood sprout to fulfill their masuchist instinct or the people in Thailand filling a gallon then throwing it has done such action for a simple reason- LOVE. I know, I am never gonna be in the position to judge them for their action for it is their faith and belief that I cannot measure, last year a friend in the community needed a blood…type O…it was me, he needed 20 bags…but in my full capacity I give one(since the max. is one bag of blood every 6 months).. then last January another friend needed…yes..as you can say…i did not, since that month my lifestyle has been deviantly changed from an 8-5 regular person to becoming a full time student, that means 25 hours of thesis writing. Then February 14, blood letting was shown to me…and as expcted again…i did not, I slowly recovered peacefully with no single blood coming out of my nerves. When a certain friend treat me for a coffee last March and told me that a blood is needed again… ok,once- I declined, second- I ignore…but now it seems there’s no going back since she already treated me for a cup of Figaro, okay I give in – not because of the coffee but since I already recovered from all the sleepless night and endless pressure and whistle to God (me; yan ha God, hanggang tatlo lang…).

Reflecting back, how I feel when I donated my blood…fear, nervous, doubt-since I know the only benefit is for my blood to regenerate and regain.

But this holy week, coming from a bloody scene in Bulacan and a bloody news in Thailand I was reminded of the person who first throw his blood for us. I am not saying the protest was right but Jesus has done it first, maybe we can creatively think of strategies in exercising our right to express, without blood or money spending with the paint that has to be thrown- because in the end it might help more people.

Just like what He did, throwing his blood for all people for the sake of LOVE, he did it already so that we dont need to do it anymore, our mission now is not to do the same but just to continue letting his blood flow for all people that we will encounter. Letting that reason be our continous mission. LOVE.

So here I am today, reminding you that whatever is your way of showing your LoVe and faith be it always without fear, nervous and doubt and just do it more creatively.

A bloody Black Saturday!


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  • Designer Hand Bags  On April 9, 2010 at 7:06 am

    I have to say, every time I come to jsdlsonger.wordpress.com you have another fascinating post to read. A friend of mine was talking to me about this topic several weeks ago, so I think I’ll e-mail them the url here and see what they say.

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