more than songs…

More than songs… ….”more than songs that we sing, its a reflection of our ever-changing lives“…

For our rehearsal yesterday we came earlier, but to our surprise professional singer/ bands are still in line for their audition as cruise/ship entertainer. To think of it…, it may be the greenest pasture for them…so i chat with some of them and was able to know that they started to play instruments as early as on their 1st year high school imagining the years, that they are now retired employee. I feel so little in my desire to be a singer,  …their discipline and commitment must probably be as big as their hearts desire -compares to me. It is my ultimate dream to be a hotel singer…yes it is…no pressure of paper works, no stress from any boss…and more friends (another good thing about them, is they almost know each other “anliit ng mundo” and their humility is what i love, just imagine we were already teasing and chatting without exchanging each others name) but upon the chatting and teasing held yesterday, i shared with Bro. Jet my amazement with this people, their passion as a singer, that it can be heard in the way they sing but from nothingness i heard his rebuttal seriously “pwede kang tumunog ng ganyan it will take years… pero kailangan mong masustain kasi kapag naging ganyan ka na…wala na, tunog ka na lang nila”. Yes the message was kind of confusing and really needs a lot of analysis but lets disect it…it reminds me of Elvis Presley Syndrome in one book that i read i was able to know that Elvis- after claiming fame and stardom, results to drastic fall- he dwell into different forms of addiction then totally consume. why? because he was not able to sustain and find the essence of what he was doing. In connection, in my desire to fulfill that dream… i have to give more commitment and practice more discipline… very far from what i was doing before. And more importantly I have to know my core reason to do it, so that i would decline from falling in Elvis Syndrome. Now, I realized that yes, i love singing and wants to be a professional singer but i know and would always remind myself that i will not just be singing i will be using it for a mission. I will be singing to praise my Creator, then i will be inspiring His people and then will be creating bundance to help his needy people. I know I still need more time to materialize that desire but in His time, I know it will happen and through it I will be able to bless more people.

we dont just lift up our hands. Lord we lift up our lives, for we know that you are worthy of our praise…”


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  • Utsuki  On July 26, 2010 at 11:13 am

    Surely, this is a very wonderful entry, for me it is. 8D

    • jsdlsonger  On July 27, 2010 at 1:44 am

      thanks…appreciate it a lot…

      • Utsuki  On July 27, 2010 at 12:28 pm

        Sure thing, I am looking forward in reading future entries such as this. 🙂

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