“HEAR MY HAMMER, OH KING AND EMPIRE” Jessie Sanchez de lara


Jessie  Sanchez de lara

“To Every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:”

-Eccliastes 3:1

Into darkness let your light sparkle

The shadow of your soul reflects

Your glitters shimmers everlasting diamonds

Let my heart finds way

Let my hearts finds way

Darkness of plaque in Egypt

Tortured by Empire of Nero

Milquesidach our King! Save my soul!

Save my soul! This poor soul,

Blood flows painlessly

Wretched body easily, thy bones broken

This shredded man, I am!

I am, thy servants, I am!

Let me serve your flock

And be they guide to valleys and rivers

For every thing’s a season, and every times a reason

Let your light sparkle, let my hearts finds way

King whose heart is humble and true, save my soul! This poor soul!

This shredded man, thy servants

O! King of time and season! Oh Great carpenter of Nazareth.


*walang bahagi o parte ng akda ang maaaring sipiin ng walang pahintulot sa may-akda*

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