Today, I got late!!! aha! Okay what’s new? But today a lot of realization came in to me:

Today, I got late!!!  aha! Okay what’s new? But today a lot of realization come in to me:

  1. Make other people a source of your positive vibes. It has been my cliché hobby to look at people and learn something from them, but today being late and having a lot of time to look and stare at their emotions pretending I have a Ph. D in psychology makes me learn a lot- super a lot… varies emotion, varies action and reaction. I’m feeling the sense of being Ivan Pavlov looking at his guinea pigs while concluding the Classical Conditioning Theory. But rather than being late and making an ugly face this are what I did: a. look at the people and the way they arrive with individuality as shown in their outfits, some wear a plain colored polo or blouse with the company’s logo while the others choose to deviate and transform themselves in mini- Tesa Prieto Valdez that only shows their personality. So, for me- ill just wear what I feel like wearing it.  b. I watched for gadgets that the people on the queue used, it might be they’re way of temporary escapade to the land where they really want rather than being on the line waiting for payday. Their gadgets varies from 2AA battery cell phone to touch screen and untouched screens?, to iPod- ipad, apple iphone, apple- laptop, apple and banana(oww…this are definitely not included). Or to some this can be their time for self-reflection and prayer time as what the other girl did using her iphone with the audio of mysteries and hail Mary, for the first time I want to have a phone like that, not because of its techie-ness but so as I can also use it just like the girl on my side used it. c. I also watched at girls being dropped by their husbands/partner with their boys carrying the ‘baunan’ its like grade school days- its so cheezy to consider that in this FB age, this simple scenario still exist… but one day I will also do it. So my question No. 1: borrowed from the commercial of Nescafe “Para kanino ka gumigising?”
  2. Follow your dream. My original course was BS Economics and my the only school I took the entrance exam was PUP— but that was 2003, where activism was hype by the ousted group of ERAP— so in short and on pass forward I graduated 2007 in PLP with the degree of Bach. In Secondary Education- not in the way I planned it. Pass forward to three years after, I’m here on queue for Makati, will be instructing and teaching a couple of lessons- I love this vocation, I love this profession, I love inspiring people, but this is not yet my dream only a part of it or rather what I am doing now is already a part of my dream. For the first time since I joined the labor industry, this has been the employment that I enjoy a lot, that even thou I am sicked, I still have the energy to come and do what I should. You might ask did I already stopped seeking for my dreams? Ill answer it without batting an eyelash, NOPE. Actually, everything fall into places- when I gamble being fulltime here in this institution, the door of opportunity open one by one. (that will be discuss in another topic)
  3. 3. In the end, family is always what you will have. Last Sunday, for the outreach program- unexpectedly the one that was supposed to cook got sick,. Who should I call? None other than my  Nana – unquestionably cooked the 3 kilos of spaghetti and pack it in the styro. And more incidences like this happened- as in a lot , super a lot. But at the end, its always your family! – they should not be prioritized as to they are the first or the second but rather be in the next column of the things that are IMMEASURABLE and INCONTESTABLE.

P.S. this has been the second time I was intentionally late- the first was when Nanay wanted me to draft a platform(by the way Nanay decided to run for political position and even thou she did not ask for our permission – I guess It is her right to decide for herself)— and today she asked me to fill-out her COC or certificate of candidacy, even though I know that I will be deducted bigtime because of my precious minute, I still have to sit down and write each letter for my Nanay for I know that ill pay it high but that moment as explained by the Visa commercial is simply “PRICELESS.”

*all informations herein are sole opinion of the author, no part should be copied in all forms of communication without the written permission from the author.

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